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About Me

Hey there! I'm Emma


Hi! My name is Emma Hart and I am a freelance graphic designer. I specialize in visual brand design (including logo design), Elementor website design, and Twitch streaming graphics. I have 6 years of professional graphic design experience, however, I have been learning design as a hobby since I was 10 years old. My interest in design began with styling profiles on websites like Neopets and I later realized this would be the perfect career path for me.

I design with humans in mind. I want the visuals to create an emotional response in the viewer and establish a human connection with your brand. I love colour and creating visuals with an artistic flair. Telling the story behind a project through visuals is an important part of my process. 

I love to work with unconventional entrepreneurs. The people who want to step out of the 9-5 world, prioritize work/life balance, and share their passion with the world. I want to help your side hustle or small business compete with large companies through polished and professional visuals.

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