BurgerRock Website

Client: BurgerRock Media

After creating a new brand for BurgerRock Media, we shifted towards creating a new website for the company. Their current website did not accurately reflect the brand’s personality or the growth in recent years. The site was not easy for their team to update and they needed an update to both the front end and back end of their website. I decided to shift the company away from using a Wix website towards a custom WordPress website built using the Elementor page builder. Their clientele will primarily be viewing their website on a phone, so the site was fully optimized to be responsive on multiple screen sizes. Back-end training was provided to the BurgerRock team showing them how to update basic Elementor widgets and add to their custom-built modules.

  • Projects:
    • A custom-built module that allows the client to easily add new projects to their website. Each project functions as a WordPress post type and it will dynamically populate with new content whenever the client makes an update.
    • Allows for the client to add projects without needing to make major design adjustments to the site.
    • Easy set up with clear indications where the client should add content.
  • Team Profiles
    • A dynamically populating widget featuring a custom post type.
    • The post type is set up to allow the client to add a photo, biography, and job title to each team member.
    • Each team member has their own individual profile page.
  • Cover Gallery:
    • Built to allow the client to add multiple cover photos to the website’s homepage in a rotating carousel.
    • Once uploaded into the module, the content dynamically populates on the homepage and other pages throughout the site.
  • Video Highlight:
    • The client provided amazing production videos of their team, these videos are featured prominently on the websites about page.
    • The video features an autoplay function but the audio has been muted to avoid disrupting the users viewing experience. The user has the option to turn the audio on if they would like to.
  • Press Blog:
    • In order to keep the project within budget, a mock RSS feed was created on their press page. This module functions like a blog post and allows them to add a link to the article as well as a title to display on their website.
  • Collapsible Accordion:
    • The services page features an accordion-style list that the user can open to display more details.
    • This gives the page a streamlined look and allows the user to easily find the information they are interested in.
  • Black & White Hover Effects:
    • The brand was designed to feature black and white imagery juxtaposed with full-colour images. This gives contrast to galleries of photos and allows for individual photos to stand out.
    • The logo grids and project galleries feature an effect that will colourize the image the user is hovering their cursor over.

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