BurgerRock Brand

Client: BurgerRock Media

BurgerRock Media is a PR Agency based in downtown Los Angeles. They were in need of a new brand that would properly represent the work they do and give them a more professional & classy look across all marketing channels. The brand has a luxurious, bold, and trendy personality so the visual assets needed to reflect this. The brand needed to appeal to its high-class clientele of celebrities and influencers, to give the impression that working with BurgerRock will elevate their career to a luxury level.

When the project began, the client had an existing wordmark logo featuring their signature hot pink colour. It was important to keep this colour to maintain a connection to their original brand, however, it was important to the client that the new brand appeal to all genders. I selected a bold orange inspired by luxury brand Hermes to pair with the hot pink as accent colours. The main colours within the brand are neutral blacks & greys, reminiscent of a magazine editorial.

An icon was created for the brand featuring the brand’s initials (BRM) stylized into a geometric burger shape. This icon was inspired by the geometric logos that are popular with high fashion brands, examples include Chanel, Gucci, and Fendi. This helped to reinforce the connection between the brand and luxurious high fashion. A modern serif font was chosen for headings to remind their audience of fashion magazines like Vogue.

The work they do is heavily focused on photography and it is a main feature of the visual brand. To add contrast on their social media and website, the brand includes placing black and white photos next to fully coloured photos. This provides visual interest and an added touch of sophistication.

Once the overall feel of the brand was finalized, graphic assets in the form of gif stickers and Spark AR filters were created. Check out BurgerRock’s giphy account to view their collection of stickers.