Broker Age Operational Websites

Client: nine10 Inc.

Once I completed the Broker Age Corporation branding, they wanted to apply the operational level brand to their existing websites. This involves converting the existing sites from a traditional WordPress theme to the Elementor page builder. This would allow for more creativity when applying the branding and it would be easier for the client to make simple updates. The operational level of the corporation includes two branches, Whitecourt Insurance and BrokerAge General Insurance, both sites had to be updated. In order to achieve a consistent look for both sites, I created a base template which was then duplicated into a 2nd website. The final versions of the sites differed slightly due to different content, but the core look of the brand is identical on both websites.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Blog
  • Careers Module
    • This custom WordPress plugin was created by nine10.
    • The custom post & form setup allows the client to add job postings to their own site and receive applications through a web form.
This project was created for nine10 Inc.