Broker Age Corporation Brands

Client: nine10 Inc.

Broker Age Corporation hired nine10 to created a 3 tiered, this included a brand for their main corporation, their operational businesses, and their business philosophy (Eleos). Each tier needed to have its own distinguishable style while still pairing well with the other branded tiers. I focused on creating simple shaped elements that would be easy to use within in Canva and would allow the elements of each tier to look related to one another. The logo icon was created as a part of the Eleos brand, it was later incorporated into revamped versions of the corporation and operational logos. Custom icons were created for each tier; The Eleos icons represent the 4 pillars of their brand philosophy, the operational icons represent the services they offer, and the corporation icons represent their unique selling proposition.

These graphics were used to create updated versions of the Whitecourt Insurance & Brokerage General Insurance websites.

This project was created for nine10 Inc.